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When you started your search for ancestors, you probably began using one of the genealogy websites that provide a method to track your pedigree online. As you become experienced, you realize that information requires a bit of attention, and the amount of data increases with each search. Don’t get me wrong; we need the use of these professional websites to assist most of our research. They are the library for online digitized documents required to achieve our research results.

As we delve deeper into searching for our ancestors, the need for a software program becomes apparent. Then you realize that will require another expense. Well, we are going to look at My Heritage and Family Tree Builder review, their software program and see that it requires no extra cost.

Let’s Look at the My Heritage Website

Before discovering the software program mentioned above, we will take a side step and talk first about My Heritage, a great genealogy research website.

My Heritage is an excellent choice to use for your research; here are a few of the remarkable features. Notice all the DropBoxes on the home screen. Let’s take a closer look at each of the DropBoxes.

My Heritage and Family Tree Builder Review - All Tabs Viewed

Home Tab

Under this tab, there are four DropBoxes to different pages. These pages are used to benefit all invited family members who contribute to your family tree, with you controlling the site. They include the following.

  • Family events: On this page, you will see all the tree events of living close family members, such as birthdays and anniversaries. You can also post a celebration with family members, such as a reunion.
  • Family Statistics: This page is impressive; there is much information; the statistics gathered here are from individuals in your family tree. Following are the different sections on this page.
    • Overview: This view shows pie charts of family member’s percentages; Gender, Living vs. Deceased, and Relationship status.
    • Places: Displays three maps. Places of birth, Places Of death, and Places of residence.
    • Ages: Six charts separated by Male and Female; Age distribution, Oldest living people, Youngest people, Average life expectancy, Lived the most, Lived the least.
    • Births: Three charts; Birth months, Zodiac signs, and When were people born.
    • Marriages: Twelve charts; Number of marriages, Married the most, When were people married, Age of Marriage, Oldest when married, Youngest when married, Marriage duration in years, Longest Marriage, Shortest Marriage, Average age difference, Husband much older, and Wife much older.
    • Children: Nine charts; Number of children per family, Family with most children, People with most children, Age when having children, Oldest when had a child. Also, Youngest when had a child, Age difference between oldest and youngest children, the Largest age difference between oldest and youngest children, and the Smallest age difference between most aged and youngest children.
    • Divorces: Six charts; Number of divorces, Divorced the most, Longest Marriage ending in divorce, Age when divorced, Oldest when divorced, and Youngest when divorced.


  • Invite Family: This page is where you can invite new family members to join and contribute to your family tree site. You would enter their name and email address and push the Invite Button. Remember you control the site, and there are different settings you can use.
  • Site members: This page shows all members and their relationship and shows you as the site manager.

This whole section is very family orientated; it is a remarkable setup. You can correspond with all members via email and can send a bulk email to all members. To keep everyone up to date with the events going on in your family and extended family.

Family Tree Tab

Now, we will look at the next entitled family tree. Ten drop boxes lead to different pages full of information. Let’s check them out.

  • My family tree: This box takes you to your Tree, which you can view in either the Family view, which runs vertically or the Pedigree view, which runs horizontally. Here you will see all you and your family living and deceased. You can also add new or edit family members to expand your Tree.
  • My photos: Here is where you keep your media files and the people they are tagged too. You can also arrange albums.
  • Import GEDCOM: If you have an existing GEDCOM file from another program, you can import it to your family tree from here.
  • Manage trees: You can have multiple trees. Let’s say you are working on your spouses; you could make that Tree separate from yours.

Maps, Charts, Books

  • Pedigree map: This page has a world map that shows all the places your family members are living or have lived.
  • Print charts and books: Here, you find three different chart options; First, you have eight chart types to choose from (they are charming). Second, you will select from eighteen chart styles (attractive as well). Third, you customize your chart by choosing the; Main person, Title of your chart, Facts for individuals, Generations per table, Printing methods.
My Heritage And Family Tree Builder Review Create A Chart Or Book
  • Consistency checker: Tree consistency checker will look for and inconsistencies in your Tree so you can make corrections when needed.
  • Relationship report: You can check your relationship with anyone in your Tree.
  • Sources: From this page, you can see all your source titles and citations for each ancestor in one place.
  • Backup: This is a backup service available at a minimal price per month.

Discoveries Tab

The Next Tab Discoveries is the meat of our discovery possibilities. My Heritage shows us the possible matches shown in three drop boxes. Here’s what it has to offer.

  • Matches by people: This is where you can find several possible online records for your ancestors; you have the opportunity to review each one and accept or reject it.
  • Matches by sources: Here, you will find sources that need to be reviewed to see if they contain information on any of your ancestors. They could contain references from other partner websites.
  • Instant Discoveries: These discoveries could be from other family trees that they are sharing with the public. Here we would want to be just as cautious as we are with any source.


My Heritage is hugely invested in the DNA world and provides a wealth of information and various kits available. Plus, uploading your DNA results and providing a way to track using ethnicities map.

Health tab

It is a new section if you purchase the Health plus Ancestry kit. You can see your genetic risk and carrier status and receive comprehensive health reports.

Research Tab

In this tab, we find all the various research records available:

  • Collection Catalog
  • Birth, Marriage, and Death records
  • Census records
  • Family trees
  • Newspapers
  • Immigration records
  • Hire a researcher

My Heritage has thought of everything. I am amazed at the number of resources available and the excellent price for full membership. The website has everything a person could need to accomplish all of your genealogy research endeavors.

My Heritage and Family Tree Builder Review - MH Price List

As you can see, the Pricing is very reasonable. Join, start with Basic Free, check it out, and see if you like the looks and website’s feel.

When you are ready to purchase a subscription plan, I suggest that the 1st year’s Premium Plan. This price is excellent; it has all the features you need to get started. Then you could work your up to Premium Plus. Don’t stop here; please continue as there is more that comes with your Sign-up.

Also, there is another fantastic addition to the My Heritage Family.

Family Tree Builder – Software

Yes, that is correct; you can download their software upon signing up for Free. This program has some pretty amazing features. Let’s check it out.

My Heritage and Family Tree Builder Review - Software
  • Powerful Family Tree Software: You are downloading an excellent software program that supports 40 languages.
  • Smart Matches Technology: Matches your Tree to millions of other trees automatically, and with that, you could find new relatives working on the same ancestral line.
  • Beautiful Charts: You can create and print beautiful charts and reports.
  • Record Matching Technology: The program will automatically discover historical records of your ancestors.
  • Private Family Site: Share your family history on your very own secure family site.
  • Detailed Privacy Settings: Control your privacy online and offline.
  • Sync Settings: You can sync to your online Tree at any time. You can also use Advanced Settings to allow different site members to Sync to your Family Secure Site.
  • Fun to use: Import your existing GEDCOM file and continue to build your Tree.
  • Maps: Maps where your ancestors came from and where they have lived.
  • Sync with Mobile: Update on the go with their free mobile apps.

My Family Tree

Check out the video to see for yourself what you will be getting with Family Tree Builder.

My Heritage and Family Tree Builder Review - Software Languages

Pretty amazing, wouldn’t you agree? Family Tree Builder software connects directly to your online Tree. You can work on your Trees offline software and Sync anytime to your online Tree in My Heritage.

The other thing I like is that it is universally friendly the language changer is enormous.

My Heritage and Family Tree Builder Review - Testimonials

I hope that you will take advantage of the powerful tools offered by My Heritage and Join them in the search for your ancestors by Downloading Family Tree Builder. You really can’t lose it is pretty amazing.

I would love to hear from you with your view and any experience you have had on the topic. Questions are always welcomed.

Kindest Regards


10 thoughts on “My Heritage and Family Tree Builder Reviews”

  1. A very interesting topic in my opinion. I will test my DNA for heritage shortly and this kind of tool/service would be nice I guess. The site itself is clear, simple enough and informative. Back in the days 15 years ago I started my heritage research and after wandering around libraries I had discovered ONE generation more on my family tree, lol. 

    • Hello Jesse,

      You are right genealogy research and building your family tree is fascinating. The DNA test would be a place to start if you are unsure of your ethnic origin.

      But, it sounds like you have a start with at least one generation, and that is a great start. A lot has changed from 15 years ago, and My Heritage would be the perfect place to start; they have millions of digitized records available online. You could quickly start an online family tree enter the names in your first-generation, and you will be surprised at what you can find. 

      If you have any questions once you begin, let me know.

      Kindest Regards


  2. I’ve always been curious about genealogy but have yet to do any personal research on the subject. I’ve heard lots about websites like ancestry but have wondered exactly how accurate they may be, and perhaps slightly skeptical. It’s great to come across a website such as My Heritage. You have given me more confidence that this information is legit. This site looks pretty amazing with all of its features such as charts and maps. With so many fantastic features, I think I’ll definitely check it out through your link, thank you for a great recommendation.

    • Hello Pentrental,

      I am glad to hear that your curiosity and skepticism have been feed. As you alluded, too, My Heritage is an excellent website. The accuracy is in the digitized records, there have been for many years volunteers who index the original documents to give us the digitized version online.

      There are also genealogy libraries that you can access the microfilms and microfiche that existed before the online digitized versions. Records are being indexed daily.

      So if you are ready to start My Heritage is the perfect place to begin.

      If you have any questions, please let me know. 

      Kindest Regards


  3. Hi, your post is unique and helpful, how I wish this software has existed in the life of my forefathers like ten generations how would it have been but I appreciate this software and am happy that you are sharing it.

    This is the most important of life to know about family heritage, your post is the first post that opens my eye to this, and I will check the website. It is through repost and sharing this beautiful website will be known by friends, for this reason, I will be sharing your post on my social media because it is your website alone that I have seen that discuss heritage and family tree.

    • Hello AmDetermined, I know what you mean it would have been nice if our ancestors had kept pedigrees to pass along from generation to generation. But unfortunately, for most of us, that is not the case.

      But with websites like My Heritage and software like Family Tree Builder, the information is at our fingertips. There are millions of digitized records online to assist in that research. All you need to do is begin, and My Heritage is the perfect place to start; it is free to join, and you can start to build your tree right away.

      Thank you for your interest and for sharing what you have discovered. 

      If you have any questions on the topic, please let me know.

      Kindest Regards


  4. For real, find one’s ancestors. I didn’t get that part really well because a friend told me about this and we had a little argument. He didn’t explain how it worked but seeing that its actually real is quite baffling. My heritage site looks good and the software seems real too. You have given a kind of insight on this platform. I find it really surprising still. Cool.

    • Hello Henderson, 

      Some times it takes a while to understand what genealogy research is all about if a person doesn’t know how it works.

      I am glad that you have gained some insight into how it works and My Heritage would be an excellent place to start if interested in building your family tree.

      Now you will be able to explain to your friend the benefits. Thank you for your interest, and if you have any questions, please let me know.

      Kindest Regards


  5. This is a very informative post on the My Heritage tool. I’ve seen it in action as I have family members who have really spent some time doing research on the family tree. I love the way that you can play around with the software and it’s very helpful to learn more about ancestors. Thanks for sharing so much detail about all that My Heritage can do and the different pricing plans available!

    • Hello Aly, 

      I am glad you found more information about My Heritage than you knew before. It seems most families have a member or two who enjoy searching for ancestors. And, you are right about the software it is pretty cool and contains lots of features. My Heritage and Family Tree Builder complement each other; they work hand in hand.

      Thank you for your interest. If you ever have any questions, please let me know. 

      Kindest Regards


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