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I am excited to share with you the remarkable features of another of my favorite genealogy research websites. Find My Past is a British owned company based in London, England; they specialize in British and Irish records. The site is full of valuable information. Because of their exclusiveness to British and Irish files, they have the most extensive library available.

What does Find My Past offer

They make available historical documents of over two billion records. They have 18 million registered users across its family of online brands. As well as Genes Reunited, one of UK’s largest family history websites with over 550 million records, and The British Newspapers Archives has up to forty million newspaper pages.

They also provide links with:

  • Twile- Specializing in family history timelines, advertising as free forever.
  • IWM Imperial War Museums- Discover, Explore, and remember millions of personal stories from the first world war.

Their Partners include:

  • Family Search
  • British Library
  • New York Genealogical and Biographical Society
  • New England Historic Genealogical Society
  • Naval and Military Press
  • Society of Genealogists
  • The National Archives

As you can see, their sources are widespread. By joining, you will have access to an ever-growing collection of two million historical records. They include US censuses as far back as 1790, the most extensive selection of Irish volumes anywhere online. These include US military records from the Revolutionary War up to World War II, millions of newspaper pages from as far back as 1710, more documents added weekly.

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Build Your Family Tree

Now it is time to start your family. First, you would need to Sign up by doing so you are activating your 14-day free trial. You can see the membership plans below.

As you fill out your information, you are starting with you as the main person in your tree. There are tons of benefits to building your Find My Past Family Tree. The video below will show a few of the features.

Once you have started your tree, the possibilities are endless to find your ancestors.

The Home page is so clean and provides everything you need. From continuing to your family tree, watch a video guide, explore your British and Irish heritage, and view the profile of the last person you visited.

Then continue with Find my past Friday’s – to explore this week’s newly released records, and exclusive UK parish records, as well as quick links to various collections right at your fingertips. There is so much help available and all the tools a person would ever need.

Extensive Blog Roll

The Find, My Past blog roll page, is vast you can search by categories which are as follows.

  • Getting Started: Here you will article for beginners from “How to find out who your great grandparents were” to “Birth, marriage and death records: A beginner’s guide” over twenty posts.
  • Build Your Family Tree: Posts that will assist in the building of your tree from user guides to featured updates.
  • DNA: Tests explained, here are articles to catch up on DNA advise and FAQs, as well as success stories.
  • Family Records: Discover how to get the most of them and what they can reveal about your ancestors with their posted guides and information. Find My Past Family Tree 5
  • What’s New?: Keep on top of the very latest genealogy news and events from Find my past.
  • Help Hub: Your go-to destination for ancestry help, tree tips, genealogy help, DNA advise. Find My Past Family Tree Screenshot 4
  • Discoveries: They love hearing from members here you can send your stories to in the meantime you can enjoy the fantastic stories. Find My Past Family Tree 7
  • History Hub: Here, you can find regularly published insights on social history, local history, royal history, and military history. Find My Past Family Tree screenshot 5
  • The Find My Past Community: You will find contributions from the Find MyPast community, and you can get involved in our interactive quizzes, polls, and surveys.

I love this blog roll; each category is full of excellent informational posts. I could stay here forever.

Other Cool Features

There are more amazing features. I will mention a few of my favorites using the toolbar.

Family Tree View: You can change the view to Pedigree View, or Family Group View. Your Family Tree view is where you will work primarily.

Free Records: Here, you will find a list of over one billion that are free to view:

  • US Censuses 1790-1940,
  • Ireland Roman Catholic Parish records,
  • 1881 England, Wales, and Scotland Census,
  • US and Canada: Public records of birth, marriage, and death,
  • US Census 1790 and more.

My Records: This is a list of all the records that you have viewed. And the date displayed and the action you can take and if the record was a match or saved for later. Also, with notes of the relative, they are connected.

My Hints: These orange dots will show the possible matches they have found for you to review, this is what you’ve been waiting to see. I love viewing these records; I can check each one and choose the one that matches my ancestor. Sometimes there might be a record that you know is not your relative; you have the option to reject if not. Once you have found a document that is a good match, you can either select “Maybe” and save for later viewing or “Yes,” then “Next step.”

Here we can merge the information that is missing in your record by using the arrows to select what we want to add to our file. You can also view the transcript.

Membership Plans

Find My Past is well worth the price of full membership, but what is equally cool is the flexibility in other membership features. Find My Past Family Tree 9

As you can see below the Membership plans are very reasonable you are getting a lot of access for an excellent price.

Find My Past Family Tree 8

Pay As You Go,” the feature is excellent if you are only able to work on your tree occasionally

Find My Past Family Tree 10

I am sure you will agree there is something for everyone and no reason to not select a membership plan

I enjoy every minute I spend on searching for my ancestors on this exceptional website. I have found record after record for my ancestors, and my tree continues to grow. I love the layout, and all the features are easy to access, they have made this site very user-friendly.

I encourage you to take the leap and join, Find My Past, you cannot go wrong. Remember you can view using the 14-day free trial, with the option to cancel anytime. Fourteen days allows you ample time to find records about your ancestors and decide if Find My Past is right for you.

Once you have joined, I would love to hear your thoughts. So please leave them in the comments section below. I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. I have heard so much over the years about different ancestry websites some of which are very expensive. I simply have been hesitant to check them out. But I’m very curious and I think it would be a fun hobby to learn about my family tree. I think I am going to give Find my Past a try. I’m excited. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Hello Wendy, You are right; some of the websites can be expensive if you are starting. But if you know where to look; to get started can be rather inexpensive. Find My Past is excellent; they have lots to offer; they do specialize in hard to find British and Irish records. If you wish to start as a hobby, a great website to join would be There is no cost involved to join, and they have tons of records. Check out the following article it will give you some background comparison Genealogy Research Sites – Let’s Compare you might find this to be an excellent place to get started. I hope you find this suggestion useful.

      Kindest Regards


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