Cyndi’s List Of Genealogy Sites

In this article, we will discover another of the beautiful genealogy websites that provide valuable tools to assist in your research. This site offers a comprehensive list of categorized and cross-references links that direct the user to genealogy research sites. This list is what I would describe as an online library; the categories are alphabetical, which is orderly and clean. A person could spend hours searching with loads of success with every search.

Cyndi’s List is owned and operated by Cyndi Ingle. It began first as a one page set of bookmarks shared with genealogical society members in her community. Later it expanded to be a six-page article for the society quarterly. It was March of 1996 that she published her website, and as an afterthought added her list of bookmarks. The original list was on one web page and contained more than 1025 links. As we continue, we will see how the site has grown since 1996.

More About Cyndi

Before we look at Cyndi’s list of genealogy sites, I would like to tell you more about Cyndi. She certainly has a busy scheduled life; her 2019 Speaking Calendar shows webinars and live events scheduled through till September; some months have 2-3 events. You can also email her as a speaker at your seminar or conference.

Here is a list of her current [1]available topics for scheduling:

  • A Guided Tour of Cyndi’s List 2.0
  • Advanced Googling for your Grandma
  • Back to Basics: Research Planning and Execution Online
  • Be Your Own Digital Archivist: Preserve Your Research
  • Building a Digital Research Plan
  • The Case of the Broken Link: Decoding the URL
  • Coordinating the Cloud: Ancestry, Dropbox, Evernote, FamilySearch, Google Drive
  • Evaluating Web Sites: 16 Years Later
  • Evernote for Every Genealogist
  • Find the Silver Lining In the Cloud
  • Foreign Language Tools for English-Speaking Genealogists
  • Genealogy Online in Pursuit of _______________
  • Go West, Young Man: Online Resources for the Western United States
  • The Hidden Web: Digging Deeper
  • The Internet: A Genealogist’s Printing Press
  • The Internet: Lower Your Expectations to Raise Your Research Potential
  • Maintaining an Organized Computer
  • Newspaper Tools Online: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  • Off the Shelf: The Unexplored Potential for eBooks in Genealogy
  • Pin Your Ancestors Down with Google Maps and Google Earth
  • Plotting, Scheming, and Mapping Online
  • Productive Social Networking: A Genealogist’s Water Cooler
  • Remedies for Copy and Paste Genealogy
  • Striking Out on Their Own: Online Migration Tools and Resources
  • Ten Resources I Use Every Day: Miscellaneous Tips for the Online Researcher
  • Timeless: The Straight Line Between You and Your Ancestor
  • Unappreciated Treasures: Libraries, Archives, and Digital Collections
  • Question and Answer Session

Also in this section is the Equipment and Facility Requirement for these scheduled engagements. Cyndi has been providing Seminars since 1997, pretty impressive. Cyndi is a professional in her rights. Her whole objective is to help people with their genealogy research by providing a conduit to the sources that provide the information they need to find their ancestors.

Books by Cyndi:

Let’s Check Out Cyndi’s Categories List

A Screenshot Cyndi's List Categories List Statistics. Browse Categories Alphabetically.

We will first look at the Genealogy Categories; this list consists of as to date, 221 Categories and 337,289 Links Cyndi has built a treasure trove of valuable links. Let’s check out a few of these links and see the outcome. The Categories are in Alphabetical order; we will pick one from the first few letters in the alphabet A-E. I will show the First Category Index Link, the First of Category Index Link, and the First of the adjoining Links.

  1. A- Category: The Basics (217) updated July 1, 2019
    1. Category Index: (15) 1st – General (11 Links)
      1. – Ancestry Free [click] Android app by to work in conjunction with your account.
A Screenshot od Cyndi's List Link to Ancestry app.
  1. B- Category: Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania (228) Updated November 7, 2017
    1. Category Index: Birth, Marriage, Death (9 Links)
      1. [3] – Search Birth, Marriage & Death Records
        1. Latvia: Riga Jewish Marriages, 1854-1921
        2. Lithuania: Birth Records from Various Towns, 1822-1940
        3. Lithuania: Death Records from Various Towns, 1845-1940
        4. Lithuania: Kelme Records from Various Towns, 1816-1944
        5. Lithuania: Marriage and Divorce Records from Various Towns, 1855-1940
A Screenshot of Cyndi's List of Link to Lithuania Marriage Records.
  1. C- Category: Calendars and Dates (156) Updated June 15, 2019
    1. Category Index: Birthdate Calendars and Calculators (21 Links)
      1. Birthdate Calculator
        1. Long Island Genealogy Birth Date Calculator
A Screenshot of Cyndi's List of Link to Birth and Death Calculator.
  1. D- Category: Databases: Searchable Online (187) Updated June 18, 2017
    1. Category Index: Births and Baptisms (8 Links)
      1. – Birth, Marriage, and Death- Searchable indexes; With database results and some digitized images. Available with a fee-based subscription.
        1. Search
A Screenshot of Cyndi's List of Link to Birth, Death, and Marriage Search.
  1. E- Category: Eastern Europe (857) Updated June 15, 2019
    1. Category Index: Birth, Marriage, Death (28 Links)
      1. DataBase of Ukrainians born in 1650-1920
A Screenshot of Cyndi's List Link to Ukrainian data base

That was just a sample of the over 337,000 links you will be able to connect to in Cyndi’s List. It is organized and easy to maneuver.

What Else Do We Discover?

In the “What’s New” section she has a list of Browse New and Updated Links with the date of the update when each is clicked it leads to the Links that were updated.

You could also join [4]CyndisList Mailing List, a free e-mail announcement list created to keep users of Cyndi’s List website regularly updated regarding the activities on Cyndi’s List. It is also a means for Cyndi to communicate information she finds of interest to the genealogical community.

If you find a genealogy link that is not on Cyndi’s List, you can Submit a New Link there are naturally specific criteria to follow for this submission.

If you find a broken link, you can Report a Broken Link.

Also, you will find a Shop on Cyndi’s List and Cyndi’s Boutique. Here you will be able to Shop for Books, Software, Clothing, Gifts, and Genealogy subscription sites.

On the right side of Cyndi’s website is a Donation button; if you are using the List and would like to donate, you can it’s a way of thanking her for this excellent site.

On the same side is a Genealogy News Feeds that is continually scrolling with scheduled events and popular websites just a click away.

Make Cyndi’s List Your Starting Point?

This list is designed to be the starting point for any of your Genealogy Research as it leads you to a multitude of Genealogy Source Websites famous and obscure. It is the beginning of your search to find resource places you would never have thought to look. It’s a place to break down those brick walls that can be so frustrating.

Cyndi Ingle is a professional in the field of genealogical research, so why not show your gratitude by using the knowledge that she is providing so generously to make your search for your ancestors less painful.

Cyndi’s List is my starting point, and I hope that you will make it yours as well, it is a no brainer.

Thanks for taking the time.

Please share with me your opinion on the topic in the comment section below.

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