Who Are My Relatives - Using FamilySearch

Who Are My Relatives? – Using FamilySearch

How much do you know about FamilySearch? Well, I am discovering a lot about its exemplary features. Did you know that FamilySearch’s Family Tree, is a social network that connects people with their ancestors? This community-based aspect is a single place for people to store sources about their ancestors and communicate with others working on …

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My Heritage and Family Tree Builder Review

My Heritage and Family Tree Builder Reviews

When you started your search for ancestors, you probably began using one of the genealogy websites that provide a method to track your pedigree online. As you become experienced, you realize that information requires a bit of attention, and the amount of data increases with each search. Don’t get me wrong; we need the use …

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Cyndi's List Of Genealogy Sites

Cyndi’s List Of Genealogy Sites

In this article, we will discover another of the beautiful genealogy websites that provide valuable tools to assist in your research. This site offers a comprehensive list of categorized and cross-references links that direct the user to genealogy research sites. This list is what I would describe as an online library; the categories are alphabetical, …

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Genealogy A History - Finding Families

Genealogy A History – Finding Families

Welcome, here we are again, ready to discover more about genealogy. You started your genealogy research by talking to your immediate family members and gathered information about them. You also visited other living relatives, asked questions, and gathered even more valuable information about them and what they remembered about your deceased relatives. While doing this …

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Genealogy Research Forms - The Key To Organization

Genealogy Research Forms – The Key To Organization

Well, we meet once again ready to continue to the next step of organizing your family’s genealogical history. I know that it appears that I am addressing a beginning audience as per the last two articles. But, as in my case, I started years ago and was not organized. I found myself overwhelmed with so …

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Organize Paper Documents - The journey continues

Organize Paper Documents – The journey continues

When we left off with the last article, you visited with living family members. You were sorting and separating family source material. I hope that you enjoyed that process. I am sure it was fun to get to know the living more and introduce them to the deceased. We will now look at some ideas …

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Get Started with Genealogy - Where to begin?

Get Started with Genealogy – Where to begin?

To begin can be a very daunting task, one that can cause a bit of anxiety but does not fear; by the end of this article, I hope to have calmed your nerves. Let us begin by understanding just what is genealogy. The dictionary defines Genealogy as: Study of families’ history: The study of the …

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