Books About Genealogy Research

I think I can go out on a limb and say we all love books and usually have several genres that we tend to gravitate to, and I enjoy a wide range of books, mysteries, historical non-fiction, and historical fiction. If I need a break from the real world, I read a specific selection of youth fantasy.

What I enjoy the most is studying, learning new things every day. I will never presume I know everything on any topic, but I will pick one and keep learning. That is what genealogy research is for me; I can pick it up any time, continue learning by reading another book, searching for an ancestor, and discovering a new analysis method. I cannot let it go; I always go back to the search no matter the interruptions in my life. Searching for my ancestors is a deep-rooted passion.

So, in this article, I will introduce you to a few books that I feel to be excellent additions to your library. Let’s get started.

Books for those beginning their research

Books About Genealogy Research

Research Like A Pro – A Genealogist’s Guide

Author: Diana Elder, AG w/Nicole Dyer

Publisher: Family Locket Books (May 19, 2018)

Diana Elder and Nicole Dyer are a mother-daughter team. Diana is an Accredited Genealogist professional, author, speaker with 16 years of experience. Diana and Nicole also host the Podcast Research Like A Pro Genealogy Podcast. Diana also is a presentation specialist for ICAPGen, working with a team to educate genealogists interested in the accreditation process.

This book talks about helping with a difficult task and making progress on them, reviewing your research with fresh eyes, creating your timeline analysis, source citations giving your work credibility, organizing and tracking your searches, and writing a detailed report about your findings for future research. Links to templates giving you tools to get started and work examples of each step, start a project from start to finish.

Books About Genealogy Research

This book is an excellent find after looking at the website family locket; this mother-daughter team has done much work on this book and their website. I like Nicole’s podcast presentations. This book is perfect for adding to your research arsenal.

Books About Genealogy Research

How to do everything Genealogy (fourth edition)

Author: George G Morgan

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (Feb.02,2015)

George G Morgan is president of Aha! Seminars Inc. started writing genealogical articles in 1996; he is an internationally recognized expert involved in genealogy seminars, genealogy guys podcast, printed course material for genealogical, speaker at genealogy conferences, and webinars. He has won several prestigious awards, an award-winning author of 12 books, written hundreds of articles for magazines, journals, and websites.

In this book, the author shows how to research using the most current websites, mobile apps, social networking sites, record archives, census data, digital records, DNA research. Teaches how to organize a research project, work with traditional, electronic, and genetic analysis, getting past brick walls.

This book is impressive; it covers lots of material; the author certainly knows his field, and the fact that he has had so much experience speaks for itself. It covers every aspect of today’s genealogical research world. Prominent on the social element of research. This book is another treasure to add to your library.

For the Intermediate Researcher

Books About Genealogy Research

Genealogy Essential Research Methods

Author: Helen Osborn

Publisher: Robert Hale (Dec.01,2012)

Helen Osborn has been undertaking professional genealogy and historical research since 1998, with over 15,000 hours as an independent researcher. She has tackled every type of research problem and project, large or small. Helen is a qualified archivist with a degree in history, MA in archives, and records management. She teaches family history and co-owner and founder of Pharos Tutors, the first online genealogy provider in the UK. She has also been a consultant and researcher for the BBC series “Who do you think you are” and the USA version.

This book is excellent for researching your family tree. It inspires methods and solving problems. It guides the amateur family historian in getting professional results. It examines the success and failure that affects various aspects of genealogy research. This book is valuable to the person who has become stuck with their research and those who want to learn advanced skills and methods used by the genealogist.

For the Advanced Researcher

Books About Genealogy Research

The Family Tree Problem Solver: Tried and True Tactics for Tracing Elusive Ancestors

Author: Marsha Hoffman Rising CG, FASG

Publisher: Family Tree Books; Third edition (March 19, 2019)

Marsha Hoffman Rising CG, FASG, a professional genealogist with more than twenty-five years of experience specializing in problem-solving related to nineteenth-century research, serves on several boards for genealogical organizations, board for certification of a genealogist, New England Historic Genealogical Society, Federation of Genealogical Societies.

Inside these pages, you’ll find answers to genealogy’s toughest problems, help work around lost or destroyed records, techniques for finding ancestors with common names, strategies for analyzing your problem, creating a successful research plan, ideas on how to find vital records, advise on interpreting DNA results, find missing ancestors in censuses, case studies applications to real-life problems.

In Conclusion

There are many marvelous books on genealogy with just as many amazing authors. I quite enjoyed looking for the selection chosen for this article. I am sure you would find any one of these books a great addition to help you with your journey to find your ancestors. Each one provides valuable research tactics that will help to make your research efforts more productive. I love books and do not seem to have enough; they are such an asset to any field of study. In this field of study, it is helpful to read or hear several opinions and different strategies and tactics used to accomplish the same outcome.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Please leave your opinion in the comment section below; it is appreciated.

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4 thoughts on “Books About Genealogy Research”

  1. Hi Rose,

    Yes, it could become extremely addictive researching  who came before. Many stories to be found, many lives, some lived in hardship, perhaps in wealth, perhaps not, could be a Pandoras box couldn’t it?

    My late Uncle did quite a lot of research into his family history, my paternal side and made discoveries, not so much about the why, but where they lived now and he communicated with the descendants. I come from and English/Irish  heritage, on my paternal  side and English/Welsh on my maternal side.

    Thank you for introducing me to these wonderful, possibly do it your self,  road of discovery books.

    Yes, it could be a fascinating journey to find out more about the ‘why’ of me!

    Thank you


    • Hello Michele, I genuinely love finding out about my ancestors. I find it so rewarding, the good, the bad, the ugly, LOL, it is all fascinating. I hope someday you will venture out and find more discoveries of your rich heritage. The Website Find My Past specializes in British and Irish records, particularly the difficult to find documents. Check it out when you get a chance. 

      Kindest Regards


  2. I find genealogy very exciting because I get to sort of get to do detective work on my own family history. It think it will be fun. The problem is often I find myself sort of stuck and not sure what direction to go in. I appreciate your list of books about genealogy and your reviews.  Hopefully with the resources, I’ll be able to figure out where to start. Thanks so much!

    • Hello Wendy, You are correct genealogy research is exciting and the fun part is being a detective. The problem that can occur for most of us is that it is time-consuming, and if we haven’t made progress, we can lose interest for a while. But a good book can be helpful as we read about another person’s success, we become encouraged and look forward to your success. “Research like a Pro” would be a great starter book this Mother and Daughter team have done an impressive job. The author’s daughter Nicole Dyer has a Podcast that you might enjoy it would give you some more insight into getting started.

      Kindest Regards


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