Ancestral Quest Genealogy Software

Hello, again, I wanted to share with you why I use a software program to do my research and why it is so important to me to have my own. I like having all of my research on my computer, and in my control, I want it to be my work and mine alone. I know it sounds like I am a bit of a control freak; that could be true, but I like to think there is more to my reasoning.

I like to have my work’s initial research close at hand to open my program at any time. It gives me the ability to build my tree and share it when I am comfortable with its accuracy. I can use the top Tabs to switch screens with five different views:

  1. Pedigree: I can view five generations of my ancestors, and by selecting an ancestor, I can then use other aspects.
  2. Family: I can see the names and info of each family member.
  3. Name list: here, I can see a list of all family members.
  4. Individual: I can see a page with all the info I have on the individual. One of my favorites
  5. Timeline: One of my favorites shows everything about the individual plus what was happening in the world.

I will expand in more detail later in this article about the usefulness of switching tabs in the main screen.

My Favorite

It is quite challenging to express how I feel about my Ancestral Quest genealogy software program. The features are endless, and throughout this article, I will show you some of the remarkable features.

I don’t want to give you the idea that you should have a program over a website tree. I am not taking away from having trees on famous sites; I use them as myself; they work hand in hand with one another; there is a great benefit to having both.

Features in Ancestral Quest

Ancestral Quest Genealogy Software

The display below shows what AQ can do to help with your genealogy research. It’s sort of like a one-stop research shop.

You will be able to Record all the information you have on all your ancestors every detail even notes and sources.

You can Organize copies of all your original documents and pictures in one place and have them attached to the relative ancestors, print all kinds of reports.

Here’s the cool feature you can Research in AQ and connect with websites like Ancestry, Family Search, My Heritage, FindMyPast, and others attach what you have found into your record in AQ.

You can also if you wish to share your research with others by Printing Wall Charts, Publishing a Book, Create a Web page, and link your tree with other websites.

Let’s See How To Build A Family Tree

Here is the Pedigree View of an existing Family(courteous of AQ). From this view, we can highlight the individual, double click to view the info for this person, or edit. We also can Add, a new person, as shown in the example.

A screenshot of Ancestral Quest Pedigree View with instructions. Click to highlight person double click to add new person or edit.

Family View

We can see the information for the highlighted individual at the top of the screen and then Click Once on any family member to see the information for that person at the top of the screen. Also, note that we can add a new person from this screen.

A screenshot of Ancestral Quest Family View. With instructions. Click to highlight double click to edit or add new person.

Moving in Family View

The below Picture Collage shows four different Family views from left to right; we see the way we can move from one family to another:

  1. Here we see Dwight’s Family his Wife, Children, and Parents; Notice the arrow by his Mothers name >
  2. Now that we clicked >, it brings us to the next view, here we see Dwight’s Parents and Dwight as a child with his siblings. With his mother highlighted, we see her Parents click on the > beside his Mother’s Father.
  3. Here we view Dwight’s Grandfather’s Family with Dwight’s Mother as a Child, but there are no other siblings; if they are known, we could enter them by clicking on Add a Child and record their information. Let’s click on the > beside Dwight’s Grandmother.
  4. In this view, we see there is missing information for Dwight’s Great grandfather; we can double click on his name and edit to add additional data that we have collected. We could also add a spouse and children to this family.
A screenshot collage of Ancestral Quest. four ways to move from one family to another.

AQ Add or Edit

The below Picture Collage of Add Views shows the process taken to create a new Pedigree or Tree, with the Pedigree of Dwight Eisenhauer as the example shown from this article’s beginning.

  • The left shows “Add New Individual” when we begin a new pedigree with the First generation person, usually yourself. For this example, we would need to enter Dwight’s personal information. Let’s pretend we have (I wanted to show a blank of this screen).
  • The next View is what we will see when single clicking on any “Add,” such as father, mother, child, spouse, or Double click if we are editing any relatives’ information. Here we clicked on “Add Father” in either the Family or Pedigree screens, then the data for Dwight’s Father was added; by clicking “Save,” the Marriage box opens; this will happen each time we add a new Father or Mother.
  • We now enter the marriage information then “Save” if you don’t have this information save it regardless. You can always add this information later. You create an MRN marriage number, and the next screen appears.
  • This next screen title is Add Mother for Dwight now with the information entered and “Save.”

We now have Dwight’s family’s beginnings when he was a child as in the Above #2 View of Picture Collage Family View.

Ancestral Quest Genealogy Software

Ancestral Quest Name List View

Let’s say you have found a new document, and the information applies to different ancestors; you can use the name list to find the ancestors by last name, date, place, or RIN number. This list makes it simpler to find an individual, especially if your file is getting large. By clicking on the title of each column, you can rearrange the order of each column list.

Then by clicking on the highlighted person, you will open the edit screen, and you can then add or correct any information or add source documents.

A screenshot of Ancestral Quest Name List View. Several ways to find an ancestor and edit.

AQ Individual View

Ancestral Quest Genealogy Software

Here we can view all the information that we have for this person. We can also print from under File [Print Reports and Charts].

AQ Timeline View

Ancestral Quest Genealogy Software


The next Image shows the Timeline for the same ancestor as above. Timelines provide us with a history of this ancestor, which helps us map their locations and learn more about their lives and their families.

Ancestral Quest Genealogy Software

The Perfect Program

Ancestral Quest is the perfect program for the serious genealogist; it provides options after options and several video tutorials. The AQ team continues to update keep it fresh and current. Every time I open my program, it lets me know if there are any new updates and shows the most current tutorials. The next screen will then show a tip and tricks that I love viewing to remind me of the available options.

If you are ready for a genealogy software program, please don’t hesitate to download the Basic Version at no cost and start building your tree. I am positive you will not regret it if you do. Moreover, if you like what you see and want more, it is a perfect one time only price with no additional cost for upgrades.

Thank you for taking the time.

Please lend your opinion of this article and its content.

Once you have downloaded, Ancestral Quest, please let me know your experience with the program in the comment section below.

Kindest Regards


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